October’s Flower – Evening Snow

Evening Snow – unfolding

October’s Calendar flower is Evening Snow, Linanthus dichotomus.  Evening Snow likes to blanket hillsides in serpentine conditions.  Blooming in March – May, it shares blooming time with California Poppies.  They take turns sharing the spotlight!  By day, profuse displays of poppies paint the hills orange and yellow.  As the sun sets, the Evening Snow unfolds and replaces the hills with soft pink/white hues.

While I don’t have an exact location of George’s, Evening Snow image, I do know that it was taken in April of 1983.  California experienced very heavy rainfall Winter of 1983, making the Spring flower display tremendous.  I can imagine that George may have been on the way home from Death Valley, along the Tehachapi Mts. as dusk descended, the hills glowing.

Introducing Wildflower Musings

I am starting this Blog page as a companion to George’s photographs.  I hope to provide a tapestry of George, nature, and wilderness; information about George, family camping trips, experiences in nature, thoughts and philosophies!

Where to start?  How about this month’s, calendar flower:  Sierra Lily, Lilium kelleyanum

These brilliant orangey-red and yellow flowers can be found by lakes and streams throughout the High Sierras in July and August.  The plant can grow up to six feet tall and are often found alongside elephant-head and bog orchid.  The flowers are like shining lanterns swaying from a tall poll.

I remember a hike through the meadows around Rock Creek with George and Eleanor and my daughter, Katie-Sarah in 1989.  The Tiger Lilies were in great abundance so it was like walking through a forest of flower lanterns.  Katie-Sarah was only four years old, so they loomed high over her head – a magical experience!

George’s notes indicate some dates and places he photographed the Sierra Lilies.  I have included links to websites where you can see the habitat of the flowers:

Kearsarge Pass – 1980     Hiking Kearsarge Pass

Piute Pass – August 25, 1983    Trail information about Piute Pass

Treasure Lakes – August 2, 1984     Treasure Lakes photographs and trails

2018 Calendars will be ready and on the website October 1st!