Photo Galleries

 Wildflowers –  This gallery features George’s images of native California wildflowers.  Many of the blossoms fill the frame and seem ‘larger than life’.  In reality the blossom may only be as big as your thumbnail!  George is truly magnifying the beauty of these frail flowers.

California Mountain and Desert Landscapes – Intense light and dramatic weather patterns, coupled with the rugged, majestic beauty of the California landscape is what inspired George to create these images.

Black & White Photography – These photographs represent George’s early work in the 1950’s and ’60’s.  He was working with large  format cameras, in a very classic style.  All of these images were made with an 8×10 negative formatted camera. Black & White photographs are sold in limited editions, numbered, and stamped for authentication.

New Additions – As images from George’s archives are digitally scanned I will post them on this page.  They are now available to order.