Displays & Groupings

AMITA Health Cancer Institute AMITA Health Cancer Institute.Chicago Gold Coast Medical Practice20x30 print - Medical Practice20x30 print - Medical Practice30 x 40 Datura Silouette - Residencial InteriorDatura - Residencial Interior20 x 30 - Bear Poppy - Mural Mounted20 x 30 Pink Mallow (Bear Poppy in background) - Mural Mounted3/12 x 18's - Gravel Ghost Blooms - Mural Mounted4/ 8 x12's - Baby Blue Eyes, Yellow Tufted Poppy, Blue Eyes Silouette, Soledad Gold - Mural Mounted
Here are examples of how Georges’ photographs lend themselves to either a single large image for dramatic impact on a wall, or a grouping of smaller images to create a theme or story. Please contact me if you would like assistance creating a grouping.