Print Specifications




Color photographs (Flowers & Landscapes)have been shot with a 35mm camera using Kodachrome film.  The images have been digitally transferred and are printed in a Lustre finish on Silver Halide paper.

Helpful Hint:  Before choosing the photograph size it’s best to know where you want to display it.  Using painters tape,  outline various sizes of the photograph – or groupings of photographs – to see what size creates the effect you want.


Mounting Option


Grouping on Mural Mount

Mural Mount (1.50″ thick)

 Mural Mount is 1.5″ thick. This mounting treatment  allows the photograph to ‘pop’ from your wall (displays & groupings). This is the way George prefered to display his photographs. To choose the Mural Mount option simply match the size of the photograph you choose with the Mural Mount size.  The photograph will have a stamp of authentication on the back and is ready to hang on your wall! 




Black & White photographs were created with a large format camera using 8×10 negatives. The images offered were made over 50 years ago and have been digitally scanned. They are pigment prints, printed on 100% cotton fiber paper. All Black & White photographs are sold in Limited Editions, are numbered, and stamped for authentication.

The Black & White photographs are not mounted and come rolled in a heavy shipping tube.






Shipping and Handling

  • All photographs will be securely wrapped and packaged.  If any damaging in shipping occurs we will replace the photograph.  Please contact me immediately if there is any damage to the packaging containing your order.
  • Orders will typically ship within 2-3 weeks. You should allow 28 days to receive your order.  Please let us know if you need to make a special request for faster turn-around time.
  • PO Boxes cannot be delivered to by our Private Carrier and are not recommended. If you used a PO Box for the shipping address, we will automatically ship your order via US Postal Service. There are some instances that we will not be able to ship via US Postal Service. If that is the case, we may contact you for street address (home or business), if you used a PO box.
  • Shipping costs vary from $10-$45 based on the size and number of photographs ordered. 
  • International shipping costs will be computed on an individual basis.  We will email you the cost of shipping before processing your order.